This is just my opinion on how Mario is still such a popular title in today’s world. So I decided to pop in my old copy of Super Mario Brothers 3 into my old Nintendo remembering the good old days where Mario would crush the bad guys and show them who is boss. Anyway while playing I was amazed at how fun it still was, how those simple run, jump, get coin, squash bad guy concepts were still so fascinating and held my interest until the end of the game!

Mario however, hasn’t just stopped with the Super Mario Bros. games, he has gone on to do paper mario, super smash brothers series, and many other of the game boy advance, gameboy SP, and DS games.

The games themselves never get old, it never gets repetitive, but it is so simple and used over and over again depending on how much you die. Many games now I find the music is not good, or tries to hard, and can become boring easy, or not much part of the game.

Everyone who plays the mario games is familiar with the oldschool graphics, but also they have continued to grow with its graphics design, and made it more popular. But everything is put together so well, and it’s what we grew up with, so I believe the old look gives it a classic gameplay and effect, making it even better.

Sidescrolling is popular, which is a common theme in the Super Mario Bros. games. Also, you are allowed bonuses for repetitive jumps on bad guys, which is a plus. It’s nothing new, it was in SMB. 1, skipped 2, but then was put back into the third.

The Mario games are very easy to learn, easy to do, and you don’t have many moments where your character will accidentally kill himself when you jump on the wrong log or something. This is such a big deal for gamers, because some games with poor controls, extremely lower the desirability to play the game, even if it is worth playing.

Mario bros is such a nice game, because it is such an original idea, you can play it for an entire day and not get bored, then pick it up again and still get excited. Also, the music and graphics are still popular today, and give it an even better classic feel. Playing this game again was a great idea, it was hard for me to set down the controller and write this article!

Now, this is just my opinion on why the Super Mario Bros. games are still so puplar. Other games that are great classics are the Zelda series, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Final Fantasy. These games all keep an original quality to them, but are still just as fun as those new games like Grand Theft Auto, or Fallout 3.